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Thanksgiving Speeches

Thanksgiving Speeches


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The first Thanksgiving was celebrated more than 300 years ago after a successful harvest. The Pilgrims were thankful for surviving a long and brutal New England winter, and for having enough food to feed their families. Today, we celebrate by gathering with friends and family, eating good food, watching football, and sharing what we are thankful for. We are thankful that we have a roof over our heads and good food to eat in this terrible economy. We are thankful that we have such wonderful friends like you that are right next to us in good and bad times. We all have at least one wonderful person/family in our life's that has stood by us in these times. Thank you for listening, and we hope you enjoy this meal we have all helped to put together.


Hi everyone, we always go around the table saying what we are thankful for… every year one of us stands up and does the main speech/prayer… this year is mine… I have a lot of things i’m thankful for but how can i start it… or what is everyone saying?

Happy thanksgiving


Why we ought to be grateful to the old Puritans, with all their faults. Their unsuccessful warfare on plum pudding, which, like truth, " crushed to earth," rose again. Their discovery and enshrining of Turkey. On this day the Nation gathers as a family at the Thanksgiving board, and from all parts of the world the wanderers come home to the family feast. The duty of Happiness, joined to gratitude, is emphasized this day. The closing toast, "The Federal Eagle and the Festal Turkey; may we always have peace under the wings of the one, and be able to obtain a piece from the breast of the other."

Now it is the time of year,
for the yummy turkey feast,
as well as saying thanks
for the living and deceased.

And so I raise my goblet,
thick with hearty wine,
so to make a ‘thanking speech’
before we begin to dine.

‘I want to thank the Lord,”
I begin with haste.
I had much I planned to say,
and no time to waste.

“And thank the awesome Jesus!”
I roar, spilling some drink.
I am sure some has gone to my head,
it’s getting harder to think.

“And my dear old mum…” I whisper,
with a slow, sad shake of my head.
“Wait a minute!” Shouts another,
“She’s not even dead!”

Raucous hoots filled the room,
as I lit up and laughed.
“What? Really?!” I managed to say,
“I thought she had passed!”

“But to be more personal, I’ll admit,
I am thankful for this turkey.
Even though it’s a little dry,
and you must eat it like beef jerky.

“But I would also like to say,
A big thanks to all of you.
For if none of you were here,
I would not have all this food!”

I slowly raised my glass,
as my guests all did the same.
In unison we chanted, “To Us!”
with our spirits and love aflame