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Colour Guides







Colour combinations & computer colour codes for crafters




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Pick your colours with confidence... 

 A good combination is using two colours opposite each other on the colour wheel, three colours equally spaced around the colour wheel,
or two pairs of colours (a total of four) opposite each other.

Primary colours (red, blue, and yellow) make a bold statement. Secondary colours (green, orange, and purple) can be engaging,

but they sometimes need to be shaded to work together.
Tertiary colours (blue-green, yellow-green, red-orange)
can combine for a very sophisticated look.

A monochromatic (one-colour) scheme can be interesting

if you use several shades of the same colour.

Colours that sit side by side on the wheel can be harmonious

when used together, e.g. red-orange and orange.

Combining a primary colour (red) with a secondary colour (purple)

can create an unexpectedly exciting match.

Computer Colour Codes

Name  (RGB Code) Hex code Shade
Gold R-192 G-168 B-104  Hex={C0,A8,68}  
  R-204 G-204 B-0  Hex={CC,CC,00}  
Dark Gold R-165 G-138  B-82  Hex={A5,8A,52}  
Silver R-151 G-151 B-168  Hex={97,97,A8}  

R-151 G-151 B-149  Hex={97,97,95}  

R-0 G-0 B-0 Hex={00,00,00}  
Copper R-205, G-115, B-0 Hex={CD,73,00}  
Browns R-66 G-28 B-28 Hex={42,1C,1C}  
R-147 G-97 B-69 Hex={93,61,45}  
  R-214 G-160 B-88 Hex={D6,A0,58}  
R-246 G-210 B-127 Hex={F6,D2,7F}  
Oranges R-199 G-77 B-9 Hex={C7,4D,09}  
R-254 G-103 B-0 Hex={FE,67,00}  
R-255 G-184 B-73 Hex={FF,B8,49}  
Reds R-212 G-0 B-0 Hex={D4,00,00}  
  R-212 G-29 B-30 Hex={D4,1D,1E}  
  R-125 G-0 B-0 Hex={7D,00,00}  

R-100 G-15 B-35 Hex={64,0F,23}  
Pinks R-255 G-194 B-216  Hex={FF,C2,D8}  
R-134 G-0 B-67 Hex={86,00,43}  

R-255 G-145 B-177 Hex={FF,91,B1}  
  R-250 G-90 B-150 Hex={FA,5A,96}  
  R-251 G-129 B-175  Hex={FB,81,AF}  
  R-255 G-118 B-194  Hex={E1,76,C2}  
  R-255 G-83 B-169  Hex={FF,53,A9}  
  R-250 G-181 B-201 Hex={FA,B5,C9}  
  R-255 G-226 B-204  Hex={FF,E2,CC}  

R-255 G-113 B-143  Hex={FF,71,8F}  
Purples R-189 G-189 B-255  Hex={BD,BD,FF}  
  R-215 G-215 B-255  Hex={D7,D7,FF}  

R-182 G-109 B-255  Hex={B6,6D,FF}  
  R-170 G-54 B-255  Hex={AA,36,FF}  

R-153 G-0 B-153  Hex={99,00,99}  
  R-125 G-61 B-119 Hex={7D,3D,77}  
  R-215 G-173 B-211 Hex={D7,AD,D3}  
Blues R-0 G-0 B-75  Hex={00,00,4B}  

R-0 G-79 B-118 Hex={00,4F,76}  

R-46 G-46 B-182   Hex={2E,2E,B6}  
  R-97 G-134 B-205  Hex={61,87,CD}  
  R-135 G-176 B-219 Hex={87,B0,DB}  

R-177 G-216 B-255 Hex={B1,D8,FF}  

R-215 G-235 B-255  Hex={D7,EB,FF}  

R-113 G-252 B-255 Hex={71,FC,FF}  
  R-0 G-156 B-152   Hex={00,9C,98}  
Greens R-15 G-51 B-23    Hex={0F,33,17}  
  R-19 G-64 B-29 Hex={13,40,1D}  
  R-57 G-125 B-55  Hex={39,7D,37}  

R-147 G-187 B-115  Hex={93,BB,73}  

R-57 G-155 B-66 Hex={39,9B,42}  
  R-125 G-153 B-63 Hex={7D,99,3F}  

R-149 G-146 B-0 Hex={95,92,37}  
  R-197 G-254 B-154  Hex={C5,FE,A4}  
  R-189 G-255 B-189 Hex={BD,FF,BD}  
Yellows R-248 G-250 B-156 Hex={F8,FA,9C}  
R-251 G-229 B-19 Hex={FB,E5,13}  
  R-216 G-175 B-0 Hex={D8,AF,00}  
  R-242 G-204 B-16 Hex={F2,CC,10}  
  R-232 G-138 B-0 Hex={E8,8A,00}