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Anniversary Gifts Year

Anniversary Gifts Year


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Our Anniversary Gifts Year table below shows all of the materials associated with each wedding anniversary year.
We list both the traditional and modern anniversary gift for each year, as well as the gemstones and flowers associated with all of the anniversaries, from the first all the way up the 75th.
Use this table to help you decide the appropriate gift for that special couple on their anniversary, because if the gift you choose is relevant to their particular anniversary, you know that the recipients will really appreciate it.






11th Anniversary



Steel Fashion Jewelry Hematite or Turquoise Morning Glories

12th Anniversary



Linen or Silk Pearls or
Colored Gems
Agate or Jade Peonies

13th Anniversary



Lace Textiles or Furs Malachite, Citrine
or Moonstone

14th Anniversary



Ivory Gold Jewelry Moss Agate Dahlia

15th Anniversary 

Crystal Watches Ruby Roses


1st-5th     6th-10th     16th-20th     21st-25th     26th-30th

31st-35th     36th-40th     41st-45th     46th-50th     50th+

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